Smart Build-ups to Wrestlemania from RAW feat. Goldberg, Triple H & Undertaker

Wrestlemania 33 is right around the corner. The major feuds for the biggest show of the year have been set in stone. Let’s take a look at the smart build-ups for the main card matches in Wrestlemania from WWE RAW –


Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

Goldberg won the Universal title at Fastlane, thus winning a world championship after more than a decade since his last. The rivalry between him and Lesnar has been about one thing: Goldberg's invincibility. At Survivor Series, Goldberg beat Lesnar in a minute and 26 seconds and followed that up by making short work of him at the Royal Rumble.

The story dictates that Lesnar will finally overcome the one man he hasn’t been able to beat in his career. Even when the two met at Wrestlemania 20, Lesnar lost.



But until then, there must be no indication of Lesnar having any chance of winning the match. The story must be told comprehensively, not in a haphazard manner. The less likely it seems, the bigger the payoff will be.


Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker

At the Royal Rumble, the Undertaker was in prime position to win the match until Reigns made his way out. Entering at number 30, Reigns took advantage of a distracted Undertaker and threw him over the top rope. This set up the appearance of the Deadman at the post-Fastlane episode of RAW, where he chokeslammed Reigns and hinted a challenge for Wrestlemania.


Virtually everyone is against the notion of the Big Dog going over the Phenom. Undertaker’s streak came to an end three years ago at the hands of the beast Brock Lesnar. Now his record stands at 23-1. Taker will be the sentimental choice to win and the segments leading up to their match have to indicate the same.



But the longer Undertaker wrestles, the more challenging it will be for him to win. Reigns is in the best shape of his career and will go in as the favourite. To properly establish himself as the main star of his generation, he needs to come out on top in dominant fashion. The heat generated will work in his favour, facilitating a heel turn in the near future.


Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

Former best friends turned worst enemies, Jericho and Owens will settle their differences at Wrestlemania. Both of them were the best part of RAW last year, and their split came at the perfect time to set up a match at the show of shows.



After costing Owens the Universal title against Goldberg, Jericho has to continue to torment Owens with mind games. Owens, being the heel, will look to employ underhanded tactics to best Y2J. The veteran against the youngster dynamic adds another layer to the match. Both men have to be positioned strongly, with neither of them the obvious choice for the win.


Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

Seth Rollins and Triple H go way back. Ever since the Shield split up in 2014, HHH has been the mentor and Rollins the protégé. But last year, HHH turned his back on Rollins and took Owens under his wing. Rollins has been rocked with two career-threatening knee injuries, one of them directly caused by Triple H’s lackey Samoa Joe.



Rollins’ status for Wrestlemania is in doubt following another surgery on his knee. The uncertainty surrounding this match has to be played up with HHH slotting in the vicious villain role. This will give Rollins the opportunity to get the audience on his side. For the first time since 2014, he will be a babyface to serve as the perfect foil for HHH. The roles have to be well-defined in the build-up to the eventual match. Logical booking calls for Rollins to overcome the odds and beat Triple H.

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