Rusev – The Star with the Roller Coaster Push

Rusev lost the United States title to Roman Reigns, and since then he has been engaged in the weakest of feuds with Enzo and Cass and New Day, teaming him up with Jinder Mahal on the way. When it was announced that Rusev and Jinder would be splitting up, it seemed like he was going in a positive direction at last.

It was extremely disappointing, however, when Big Show destroyed Rusev, laying him knocked out on the mat at Fastlane. This may not have been the original plan for him however as this may just be due to backstage wrestling politics.

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Dave Meltzer speculated that it seemed someone had something against Rusev backstage, while Brian Alvarez pointed out that Rusev had a haircut last week, and might not have let Vince McMahon know.

Another possibility that might have rubbed the backstage officials the wrong way, was his big farewell of Jack Swagger on Twitter.


The man that almost broke my ankle… few times. Very strong and always creative. @RealJackSwagger good fight

— Rusev on the Roof (@RusevBUL) March 3, 2017


This is not the first time that Rusev has got himself into trouble with backstage officials due to his Twitter account.


Big congrats to Jericho. after 17000 matches against Roman he finally won the us championship. Not like anybody else had a chance.

— Rusev on the Roof (@RusevBUL) January 10, 2017


There was a time that brought heat due to Lana’s confession of their engagement on Twitter while involved in a love triangle storyline with Dolph Ziggler.

However, this may all be about to change if house show bookings are anything to go by. For the Providence, Rhode Island show, Rusev is booked against Finn Balor. A large number of times the feuds on the house shows have a large say on what direction the WWE booking follows.

So he may finally get a push, post-Wrestlemania, but it would be a shame if he did not, as a star with his talents is otherwise completely wasted.

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