Ron Bass “The Outlaw” Passes Away at the Age of 68

Ronald Heard, known to fans of professional wrestling as “The Outlaw” Ron Bass, passed away after there were complications post-surgery, at the age of 68.

Bass was admitted to the hospital after he ruptured his appendix, which he was not even aware of. He waited a week to get it checked out, and so any chance of recovery disappeared.

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Ron Bass, a true legend of the Wrestling business was a participant of the inaugural Survivor Series and Royal Rumble events.

Bass wrestled with the likes of Barry Windham, Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake, and became the biggest stars of WWF, as he fought big names like Hulk Hogan, Honky Tonk Man etc.

Wrestlers mourned Bass's passing on Twitter.


Beefcake and Bass had the best feud of Bass’s career, with Bass making Beefcake miss his match with the Honky Tonk Man. This would lead to Beefcake getting his revenge over Bass, as he would beat him in a hair vs hair match.


Bass left the company in 1991, as a result of all the injuries he had received over the course of his career.

Post retirement, Bass graduated college from Arkansas State, and worked in Construction and Sales.


Image credit: The Inquisitr

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