Barcelona team react to their epic comeback win against PSG

What happened today can not be expressed in words. But we tried doing so by bringing to you the words of those present on the field and were a part of perhaps the greatest comeback in the history of Champions League.


Luis Enrique: 
Pre Match: 
"If a team can score four against us then we can score six against them. The result in the first leg was very clear but this is a knock-out tie and we're only at half-time.

"Over 95 minutes, an infinite number of things can happen. Hopefully they will all be positive for us."

Post Match:
organization of the team was spectacular. We took risks. In terms of emotion, it was a piece of heroism that worked out for everyone at the club. Many things happened. The key was the faith of the team. We looked like being eliminated on 84 minutes. We shot at every opportunity, even the goalkeeper went up to shoot. Then, the sixth goal was scored by all the Cules in the world. This is a competition that doesn’t forgive a bad match. We turned it around. We have to learn from our mistakes. It was worth suffering, even after the defeat in Paris."



Samuel Umtiti: 
"I’ve never experienced anything like that. When we play with that attitude, we’re very strong."


Arda Turan: 
"You call it 'football team', we call it 'Barca'. You call it 'miracle', we call it 'normal'."


Gerard Pique: 
"They'll need to hire nurses in the hospitals in 9 months 
time, because a lot of love is going to be made tonight."



Andres Iniesta (Pre Match):
"When everything is lost, sometimes you're more dangerous."



Ivan Rakitic: 
"It's too crazy, unbelievable. Thank you to this team, to this fans, thank you it was really a special day. It's really hard to say something because I think of this first game in Paris, it was really hard for us but the reaction was special, history.

"Hard result to lose four zero in Paris but it's football. We saw it some weeks ago in Super Bowl to see what is possible in different sports. It's really crazy to say this is Barcelona and I think the best team in the world and we want to keep dreaming.


"If we believe, if we play, it is difficult to stop Barca. This can only happen once in a lifetime. Nobody thought we could score six and we did. Best game I've ever played in."



Sergi Roberto: 
"I've thrown everything. I didn't know if I was 
onside. I'm very happy, I threw myself on the ground and I saw the goalkeeper [Kevin Trapp] didn't stop it.They say the fans are one more player, but today they were 10 more."

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