On this day: Jonty Rhodes flies like a plane to effect best run-out in Cricket.

The cricket fans who started watching this beautiful game in the 21st Century would be under impression that fielding has always one of the most important aspects of the game ever since its inception. However, there were days when cricketers were not half as fit as today and their performance in the field was sub-standard.

The man who changed it all with his extraordinary athleticism and commitment was Jonty Rhodes, the South African right-hand batsman considered by many as the best fielder in the history of the game. The way he guarded the off-side field for the Proteas is still an example to the modern-day fielders.

Jonty affected quite a number of run-outs in his career courtesy his supreme agility on the field, but the one which stands among them all is the run-out of Inzamam–ul-Haq in the 1992 World Cup.

In the 31st over of the run-truncated game, Inzamam tried to steal a leg-bye after missing a flick off the bowling of Brian Macmillan. Skipper Imran Khan at the non-striker's end set-off for a run, but pulled out after two steps. Inzamam had traveled one-third of pitch and tried to return back to his crease. Rhodes, who was at the deep backward point, seized the opportunity and ran at a lightning fast speed to grab the ball.

While all-others would have gone for a throw, he continued with his run and threw his body in the air completely parallel to the ground, dislodging all the three wickets with the ball in his right-hand. Inzamam was caught short of crease and the world had experienced one of the best moments in the World Cup history.

Here is a video Jonty Rhodes running Inzamam-ul-Haq out 

The wicket turned out to be the turning point of the match as Pakistan, who were cruising through their target, lost momentum and ended up 20 short of the revised target. However, the match gave the South Africans a Superman in their fielding unit.

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