Manchester United fans warned ‘not to attract attention’ in Russia

Manchester United fans who are planning to make the 4000-mile trip to Rostov for the Europa League round of 16 match against FC Rostov have been warned by the Home Office against hooliganism and petty crimes during their stay in Russia.

The fans wishing to make their presence felt inside the stadium on matchday have been warned not wear club colours and to keep a low profile so as not to create any unnecessary fan violence inside the stadium.

Manchester United Officials have also told those willing to make the trip to take heed of what happened at Euro 2016 when dozens of England fans were injured after being set upon by well-drilled, weapon-carrying Russian thugs.

The advice reads: “Although there is no indication that British nationals or interests have been specific targets, attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by foreigners.” “You should remain vigilant in all public places, including tourist sites and crowded areas, particularly where access is not controlled, eg open-air events and markets, and in major transport hubs.”



The club have told the 400 supporters expected to head to Rostov to remain on two streets which will be patrolled by police – while guarded shuttle buses will be laid on to escort visiting fans to the stadium.

United fans will be searched twice before being allowed entry to the stadium and held back for around 20 to 30 minutes following the game.

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