UFC 209: Woodley and Thompson look to break Deadlock

The Tyrone Woodley and Stephen Thompson matchup just got more exciting. As if the fight did not have enough heat on it already, with the Ferguson and Khabib match now pulled, this is the match which will define how the pay-per-view goes.

After Tyrone and Stephen had faced each other for the first time, anyone who saw the match knew that it was inevitable that these two would one day face each other again. The match was actually more like a battle, that waged on for a full twenty-five minutes. Woodley retained his title at UFC 205, but by just one point.

The match itself was of such quality that it was able to share the same space as Conor McGregor’s historic win on the same night.

Last time, despite the size difference between the two fighters, Woodley landed several devastating punches, dropping Thompson quite a few times, which is what made the difference.



Thompson and Woodley exchanged taunts in the press conference with Thompson jokingly calling Woodley “mean”.

“Why you gotta be so mean, man?” Thompson joked. “This guy is so mean.”

The night will be anything except boring with Woodley saying, “It wasn’t the victory that I wanted to have and now we’re doing it again.”

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