UFC: Fate Against Khabib vs Ferguson match. Fans express their disappointment!

There may be something actually called destiny and fate, and they both seem to be against Ferguson and Khabib meeting for their fight.

Tony Ferguson and Khabib were supposed to face each other in the finale of the Ultimate Fighter in December 2015, but then Nurmagomedov withdrew due to injury. Slated to face each other again in April 2016, it was Ferguson who withdrew this time, postponing the match for the second time.

Slated to face each other in what looked to be an amazing pay-per-view, at UFC 209, “fate” intervened again.

This time Khabib had to be taken to the hospital three hours prior to the flight for the weigh in, due to “weight management medical issues”. UFC in their issued statement said that the fight has been canceled due to the recommendations of doctors.


People had hoped that the third time would be the charm for these two, but that proved to not be true this time. Rumors started circulating that the real reason for the fight being pulled was that Khabib had had trouble making the actual weight for the weigh in.


Fans made their disappointments pulled clear on twitter.


Ferguson, however, remained extremely 'gentleman' and issued a sporting tweet towards his opponent.


This fight being pulled means that UFC suddenly finds itself with a depleted card. Whereas they had a full amazing card, which people had really been looking forward to, just the day before, they may now scramble to have a replacement fight, but it is unlikely that the gap will be satisfactorily plugged.

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