Five Instances when WWE Superstars ‘Broke the Ring’

Monday Night Raw this week saw Braun Strowman break the ring when he threw Roman Roman on the turnbuckle. The turnbuckle snapped, and Reigns was left lying in the ring.

Here are five other times that WWE Stars have broken the Ring:

5. Big Show vs JBL [Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match]

The two big men fought it out for a shot at the World heavyweight title on the line at NO Way Out pay-per-view. As JBL tried to climb out of the monstrous structure, Big Show followed. He chokeslammed JBL from the top of the cage through the ring, leaving Bradshaw in a hole in the middle of the ring. This was one of the most extreme moments ever in WWE history.



4. Mark Henry vs The Big Show

In an attempt to recreate the historic slam of the Big Show and Lesnar which broke the ring, the two behemoths tried it with immense success. The ring collapsed, stunning the crowd as they saw the referee rolling to the floor, and the two stars stunned in the middle of the collapsed ring.

3. Undertaker vs Edge [Hell in a Cell]

Undertaker and Edge had an extremely lengthy feud, which culminated in this match at Summerslam in 2008. The match was well fought and continued for a long time. After Undertaker won the match though, he was not done with the Rated R Superstar. With a chokeslam from the top of a ladder, he sent Edge through the ring, directly to hell, signifying the end of the feud.



2. Mick Foley vs Triple H [Hell in a Cell]

In the match that retired Mick Foley, Triple H backflipped Foley. What came after was something no one was ready for. Oddly reminiscent of the Foley and Undertaker Hell in a Cell, the cell roof collapsed, and Foley went through the roof falling to the ring. The ring caved in, with Foley sprawled, looking as if he died. It was one of the most extreme moments of WWE history.

1. Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show

The Original one is the best one. In the most epic ring breaking moment of WWE history, Brock Lesnar superplexed the Big Show from the top rope. The ring broke. The whole world felt the impact of the slap as the ring collapsed under the immense weight as the referee himself fell stunned to the ground.



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