“Dana White is the biggest drama queen” – Tyrone Woodley

Tyrone Woodley, ahead of his match at UFC 209, has gone on record to call Dana White “the biggest drama queen”.

Dana White had earlier in an interview said that the Welterweight UFC Champion Tyrone Woodley was a drama queen. He had said this when talking about why fans had not connected with the champion and somehow seem to see him in a negative light. White called Woodley about what had been said on the show, and Woodley took the whole thing in jest. However, he did not let it go easily without a shot at Dana.

Asking how Dana White can call him a drama queen, Woodley created controversy by saying that White was the "biggest drama queen" and that it was him that Woodley learnt from. 

White and Woodley took photos together at the Superbowl and appeared to be on good terms. White’s comment on Woodley came when the fans feelings for Woodley were called into question, with racism being raised as a possibility by Woodley himself.

White disagreed with this view, commenting that this dislike was based on Woodley not wanting to face the top contenders and just wanting big name matches instead.



“People don’t want to hear that. And then what he does is he’ll start fighting and arguing with people on social media. Then he wonders why when we show up to a press conference, the whole crowd is booing him. They’re not booing him because he’s black. There’s tons of black guys fighting in the UFC, you know what I mean?”

White went on to say that the reason McGregor got popular was his willingness to take on all comers. This statement may seem a bit self-contradictory, as McGregor is known for his demands for Money fights.

Woodley did not take White’s comments personally. However, he went on to say that if he needed to be like McGregor to be a bigger star then he would rather not be a star at all.

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