Serena Williams challenges ‘two strangers’ for a Tennis match

How many in this world get a chance to play Tennis with the greatest player of all-time – Serena Williams? Well, the obvious answer would be ‘impossible’.  

But, last Sunday night became a memorable one for two guys playing tennis at Dolores Park, San Francisco when tennis legend Serena Williams joined them for a fun match.


The younger Williams was taking a leisurely stroll around San Francisco's Mission District with her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian when she saw something that caught her instant attention.

The 35-year old not only challenged them for a fun practice match but also tested the tennis skills of the duo on the hardcourt. Instead of her favourite pair of tennis shoes, the Australian Open champion was wearing a pair of fuzzy slipper-like boots but that didn't stop her from jumping in the game.


"Oh my goodness," one person on the court says. "Is this for real?"


Interestingly, this was done by Serena just to have a little bit of spontaneous fun and was not a branded advertisement for a sneaky company.






"So the moral of the story is," Williams says, after an intense game, "you never know when I could be coming to a tennis court near you."


Moral of the story: Keep playing because “You never know when the #GOAT might crash your game of tennis.”


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