Highlights from WWE RAW – February 27

WWE Raw aired its go-home show before the Fastlane pay-per-view to put the final pieces together before the final stretch ahead of Wrestlemania. Following are the highlights from the evening-


1. Braun Strowman has Reigns' number

In the final segment of RAW, Mick Foley moderated the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. After a verbal altercation with Foley, Braun was interrupted by Reigns and the two of them proceeded to have a scrum near the production area. Reigns fought back with a Superman punch and a vicious spear through the barrier. Braun recovered and taunted Reigns, who went for another spear, but Braun caught him and launched him into the turnbuckle, loosening the top rope in the process. Braun left Reigns reeling and headed to the ramp. Reigns finally stood up and signed the contract.


2. Seth Rollins vows he will be at Wrestlemania

In his return to Raw, Rollins was interviewed by Corey Graves, who asked him about his status for Wrestlemania. Rollins said it was doubtful and got a little emotional. Triple H and Samoa Joe showed up and warned Rollins to not call Triple H out. HHH threatened to end Rollins' career and the Architect responded by making the same declaration. The segment was full of tension and with seeds being sown for a final showdown between the former protege and mentor.


3. Samoa Joe beat Cesaro



Former friends Joe and Cesaro were facing off for the first time in a WWE ring. With the history shared between the two, the action was fueled with intensity. Joe was strategic in his assault and targetted Cesaro's injured knee. The majority of the match was dominated by Joe, with little resistance from the Swiss superstar, who finally succumbed after Joe connected with the Urnage finisher.


4. Charlotte and Jax pick up a huge win

Charlotte and Nia Jax won an important match against RAW Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks. The match was packed with fast-paced sequences and changes of momentum, with each woman getting the considerable offence in. Charlotte kept Bayley and Banks grounded and Jax followed up with explosive manoeuvres to seal the deal. Charlotte was knocked off the apron by Bayley, but Jax capitalised with a leg-drop that incapacitated both Banks and Bayley. Jax covered the champion for the win.


5. Owens and Goldberg engage in a war of words



At the start of the show, Kevin Owens showed up and challenged Goldberg to a street fight, but then backed down after mocking the crowd. Owens declared Goldberg was next in his evolution as Universal Champion. Goldberg praised the speech but did not buy any of Owens' claims. Owens assured him the 'Goldberg' chants would die after Fastlane before walking off.


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