WWE: Tag Team legends Hardy Boys set to make a comeback?

The time has come maybe for another big return to WWE.

This week, the contracts of both the Hardys are up on TNA, and Dave Meltzer has reported it is unlikely that they will resign there. With the management change in TNA, Jeff Jarrett is likely to want more control over the “Broken Matt” gimmick, something Matt and Jeff will be unwilling to give ground on.

TNA may want more exclusive rights on their superstars, something that will make the Hardy’s less than happy as they are currently fighting all over the world. If they have to give up creative freedom, they would want to come to WWE where they would be paid really well for it.

In fact, Meltzer stated that it is very much possible that the Hardy family will soon be joining WWE post-Wrestlemania. WWE would not allow the whole Broken gimmick, but adding Jeff and Matt to their roster would do wonders.

This would be a huge blow to TNA, as Matt and Jeff have been their biggest draws for over a year now, and coming at a time when TNA was not doing so well. They not only hold the tag team titles, but they also take on teams from other promotions which helps draw new and fresh crowds.

Nothing is decided as of now, as negotiations are ongoing, but whichever direction the brothers decide to go, this will create huge waves in the Wrestling industry.


Image credits: @SliceWrestling

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