Shane Warne wants these radical changes to make cricket more exciting!

The second most successful bowler in the history of test cricket, Shane Warne has called for radical changes in the rules of the game so as bring more balance between the bat and ball. The legendary spinner was speaking at the inaugural sports literature themed festival ‘SporTale’. Warne talked about the changes which were made in the willows but not with the balls.

“The ball we bowl with is still the same as it was 100 years ago. Size and seam, and while bats became bigger and heavier, boundaries brought closer and fielding restrictions introduced but the ball is still the same as it was,” said Warne.

“Why has ball not changed over the years? The ball manufacturers should do something with the ball. Maybe put some swing into the ball,” Warne questioned.

Warne demanded longer boundaries with no fielding restrictions

The crafty leg spinner who retired with 708 Test and 293 ODI wickets also felt there should long boundaries. He felt the fielding restrictions, especially in ODIs creates more pressure on the bowlers.

“Leave it to the bowling side captain to decide where to put his fielders. Let him have all the nine fielders on the boundary. Rules should not restrict who stands where.”

The 47-year old was also disgusted with the bowling skills of the part-timers in T20 cricket. Instead, Warne felt that there should be only four specialist bowlers bowling four overs each.

“In a T20 game, there should be just four bowlers bowling four overs each. We should have better quality bowlers rather than part timers bowling absolute rubbish.”

Warne is currently in India as a part of the Australia commentary team for the bilateral test series also rated Virat Kohli ahead of other contemporary batsmen like Joe Root and AB de Villiers.

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