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‘Wenger Out’ banner spotted at Donald Trump protest in London

Being an Arsenal fan is no easy job. You might have a million other commitments, like participating in an anti-Trump demonstration, but that shouldn’t stop you from remembering your life’s biggest purpose — getting Wenger out the club.



Thousands marched to Westminster in protest at the US President’s state visit to the UK and amongst them was a disgruntled Arsenal fan who carried a ‘Wenger Out’ banner. 


Why? Our best guess is that he wanted the world to realise that Trump isn’t the only egomaniacal leader who doesn’t look fit for the scale of the job. Or maybe he just saw a protest and registered an opportunity to demonstrate his frustration at the French manager.


Either way, the anti-Wenger brigade seems to have found an increased ferocity over the past month, and if things don’t improve at the Emirates stadium by the end of this season, Wenger’s 21-year regime at Arsenal might finally come to an end.


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