Pacer Umesh Yadav credits skipper for his bowling transformation

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Umesh Yadav is arguably the fastest bowling pacer in the country who has impressed everybody from cricket experts to fans with his pace, swing, and seam. Emerged as the India’s frontline bowler after his dominating show in 2015 Cricket World Cup, Yadav is now a captain’s go-to bowler in the longer format of the game.

Crediting his success to skipper Virat Kohli, Umesh Yadav said he is thankful to Virat for letting him be his own man while preparing a strategy to dismiss batsmen.

"Virat is a bowler's captain. He is someone who would throw the ball at you and tell you to set your own field. He asks me what my plan is or whether I need a particular fielder at a position. He backs your instinct and plans. Only if the plan doesn't work, he would come up and tell that let's try this. For him the bowler gets to execute Plan A and if it doesn't click, then Plan B," as quoted by PTI.

The 29-year-old fast bowler is known for his unplayable outswinger at a good pace which troubles the best of the batsmen. Adding another weapon to his shining armorUmesh is now confident that his incoming deliveries are as lethal as his away one’s and it will test Australian batsmen in the upcoming four-match Test series.

"My stock delivery has always been the conventional outswingers at 140 kmph plus speed. But as I have been working hard to develop the inswinger all these years, it's now finally coming off well which I realise when it releases from my hand," Umesh said.


On the third morning of the Hyderabad Test against Bangladesh, the Nagpur-born pacer probably bowled one of the most fearsome spells of his bowling career. He troubled Shakib Al Hasan and rest of the Bangladeshi batsmen with his pace and probing swing.

Speaking about the spell, Umesh said, "Yes, I would have termed it a near perfect spell had I got wickets, which, unfortunately, I didn't. But if you look at that spell, I was beating Shakib with away going deliveries for the left-hander, which is an inswinger. The pace was good, I hit the right length and I knew Shakib was rattled."

However, Yadav’s personal favourite one was his spell against South Africa in Delhi in 2015.

"In my opinion, my spell against South Africa in Delhi back in 2015 was a touch better. The quality of batsmen was better and they were defending really well which made it more difficult.

On coach Anil Kumble’s advice which helped Yadav make the better use of the bowling crease. He said,  "So what exactly did change for me? I believe my experience of using the crease came in handy. Our coach Anil Kumble advised that if I had to take the ball away from the left-hander with fuller deliveries, I need to come wide off the crease and push it through. The wider you go, the better angles you can create for a left-hander, provided you hit the right length.”

"Similarly, when I am bowling to right-handers, I would come closer to the stumps and try to hit a channel where I can make them play more deliveries," Yadav added.

Speaking of his plans to tackle the Australian batsmen in the upcoming Test series especially explosive opener David Warner, Umesh said, "Against Warner in Australia, you can hit back of the length but here I would like to bowl him a bit fuller. Even in India, you cannot bowl too full as Warner also drives well. So maybe a touch fuller than three-quarter. Hope I can get my length right straightaway."

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