Sreesanth intends to invite Scottish players to play in hometown Kerala

Sreesanth walks back to his marker

India's right arm pacer, S. Sreesanth, who has been life-banned by the BCCI and not granted permission to play for a Club in Kerala and Scotland, is now planning to invite few Scottish players to his state.  

Speaking over his mobile on Thursday morning, he said, "I want to bring a couple of young Scottish players to my homeland Kerala and give them a taste of cricket. This will enable them to understand how this game is a religion in this country". 

"I have discussed this project with my associate (Eddie Gibbs) in Scotland and I am committed to it". 

"I have seen the Scottish players in the World Cup in New Zealand and I am impressed with their talent, spirit, and dedication", he added.  

Gibbs had invited Sreesanth to play for Glenrothes Cricket Club in Scotland. 


Legal options

"Sreesanth has also kept his legal options open for dragging the BCCI or ICC to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS)", Gibbs, speaking exclusively, said. 

"We are in talks with the sports specialist lawyers  Harper Macleod LLP.  Mr. Bruce Caldow has also suggested hiring an Indian lawyer, Ms. Aahna Mehrotra. 

"I am aware of my name being suggested to Sreesanth. So far he has not contacted me", Ms. Aahna Mehrotra, the head of Sports Law at TMT Law Practice, who is also a member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association, International Association of Sports Law, confirmed exclusively. 

"I do not wish to comment on the matter till I know the facts from someone who is actually involved in the matter", she said. 

She, however, is well aware about Sreesanth being denied  NOC.


(Written by- Bipin Dani)

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