WWE: John Cena set to take another break from wrestling!

Cena became a 16 time champion at the Royal Rumble only to lose it Bray Wyatt, this has left him in a rather intriguing future ahead of him.

Dave Meltzer has said that John Cena is going to take time off after Wrestlemania. There is no slated return date as Cena is not advertised for any events post Mania. He is likely heading off to Hollywood where he will be working on films.

Cena has slowly been reducing his time in WWE, with this being the fourth break within a year. As time progresses he has become more and more of a part-time worker with a lot more demand on his time, with Hollywood, daily shows coming in with the wrestling.

Cena is currently slated to face Miz and Maryse, teaming up with his girlfriend Nikki Bella. This is a huge disappointment for many fans, as Cena usually is one of the best matches of the nights, but this might not be the case this year.

After this match, Nikki will be taking time off for her neck injury, and her boyfriend will also be not available for a long time as well maybe. Cena has been one of the main players on Smackdown for a long time now, and with him leaving it will leave a gap on the roster WWE will be hard pressed to fill.

This may be the time that WWE calls up Shinsuke Nakamura.

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