PSL: S1 Day 6 – Crossfire win as SPG, Vajra, Chronic & Blue Steel share points

Nexus FC VS Crossfire FC


The fifth fixture of the day saw Nexus FC, who after 5 matchdays still seeking a point crossed paths with Crossfire FC who had an undesirable Matchday 5. The match began and straightaway both the sides made their intent clear. Nexus' wing-back Dadhi Basokta and Umesh Phogaat were moving well in the midfield in their quest to provide Abuzar and Kushal some shooting opportunities.

At the other end, Armstrong Alexandre and Aashrey Singh were doing the same for Crossfire FC. In the 13th minute, Nexus for the first time in the league took a lead when Lampohar took a free kick from a dangerous territory, which reached Basokta's who put it in the net to make it 1-0 Nexus. The Nexus' Delight was precluded at the 21st minute when Crossfire made a comeback with a Romik Bose Mitra making it 1-1. In the remaining minutes of the half Nexus had chances to again take the lead but couldn't lay hold of them, and so the half ended with one goal apiece.

Halftime: Nexus FC 1 – 1 Crossfire FC

The second half started, and unlike their previous encounters Nexus commenced the half with a possibility of winning the contest. In the initial minutes of the half Ayaan Khan and Harsh made some good runs thus keeping their team in the hunt, and indeed in the 40th-minute Nexus' possession play paid off when Nirbhay Mehta displayed individual brilliance in running through Crossfire's defense before launching a thunderous strike, 2-1 Nexus.

Just 4 minutes after taking a lead, Umesh Phogaat bludgeoned one and made it 3-1 for Nexus. This was a newly revamped Nexus side on the verge of being victorious for the first time in 5 matches. The match did not end here, in the 51st minute Ayush Joshi forced a handball which led to a penalty for Crossfire FC. Nalin Bhat slotted the ball home to make it 3-2 Nexus.

Nexus shifted to a defensive tactic which paved the way towards their downfall, in the 54th minute Nalin Bhat scored another goal to level the scores. Crossfire had the momentum and were going for the win!  Nalin Bhat and Alexandre made an excellent maneuver in the 58th minute which resulted in Armstrong taking a superb shot on goal which made it 4-3 to Crossfire.

Crossfire FC had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Spare a thought for Nexus who played really well but let their guard down at the wrong moment.

Fulltime: Nexus FC 3 – 4 Crossfire FC


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