Govt launches Mission XI Million the largest football program in India!

PM Narendra Modi’s vision of making football the epitome choice among young Indians is officially under way!

Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Mr. Vijay Goel along with AIFF President Mr. Praful Patel launched ‘Mission XI million’, the biggest school sports outreach program to find talent right from the roots. The program focuses on imparting important lessons such as teamwork and sportsman spirit through football.

Mission XI Million has been constructed under the guidance of international sporting expertise to address the ground realities of geographically and culturally diverse country keeping in mind the needs of everyone. The main aim is to spark the once existing passion for football in 11 million children from every corner of the country.

The program promises to provide schools with necessary knowledge and equipment to encourage football among them. Mr. Vijay Goel also mentioned that the success of this program depends on parents participation in the initiative.


5 Salient Features of Mission XI Million:

1. The key idea of the Mission XI Million is that every child should have the opportunity to play world’s most popular sport.

2. Mission XI Million seeks to equip parents and schools with equipment and knowledge about the strategies so as to ensure regular playing time a reality for these future stars.

3. The project will be implemented in over 37 cities and 12,000 schools across all 29 states of India till September 2017.

4. It is divided into three phases: seminars for teacher and educators, in-school activities and football festivals, which will run up to September 2017.

5. The initiative will focus on games that can be adapted to different field sizes and conditions, with special emphasis on small-sided games such as 4 vs. 4 and 5 vs. 5.

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