2 months ago by Seban Augustine

Of course, a great offence alone isn’t good enough to win titles, but nonetheless, there is nothing more entertaining to watch than a side keen on finding the back of the opposition net. Among them are teams who press and attack with pace and purpose or sides who prefer to keep possession and wait for a better choice of shooting option, to sides which simply rely on an effective counter-attack. 


Here is a look at the teams leading in each of those constraints:




For much of the season so far, Stade Louis II has resonated to the sound of the ball hitting the net. Scoring goals have become a quite run-of-the-mill for the French side who is rolling along at an average of almost 3 goals per game—which put them ahead of the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. Or to put that in a league perceptive, their goal tally is 23 better than PSG, the division’s second best scorers and stands 8 more than what they managed during whole of the last season. 



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